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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) is a multi purpose Website Designed To Working In All Web Browsers and all major devices which is a cross platform website that give information about HTML Color Codes, RGB, HSL, HSV And Color Schemes with many other services And Tools, just discover and enjoy

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hex color is a six digit code which is using in specifying colour which formed from three separate values and the first value represent red colour, the second value represent green colour and the third value represent blue colour , the hex colour code starts with hash symbol (#) and followed with six digit code or three digit code , we use the hexadecimal colour code in HTML, CSS, SVG, and other computing applications to represent colours and the values we use in hex colour code is from (0) to (9) and from (a) to (f) which mean (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f), the examples of this definition is (#000000, #ffffff, #ff0000, #f30, ...... etc).

the RGB is a shortcut of (Red colour, Green colour, Blue colour) which we can mix a different values of these colours to produce new colour depending on mixing values and the main uses of RGB color is displaying the images in screens after mixing red and green and blue together, The Minimum Value of RGB is (0) and The Maximum is (255).

the CMYK is a shortcut of (Cyan colour, Magenta colour, Yellow colour, Key colour (Black)) which we can mix a different values of these colours to produce new colour depending on mixing values and The main purpose of the CMYK colour model is used in colour printing, The Minimum Value of CMYK is (0) and The Maximum is (1) or from (0) to (100).

Binary is which is represent two values 0 or 1 .

Octal is which is represent the values from (0) to (7) .

the Websafe colour consists of (216) colour from (256) colour that suggested to be the standard web color if we now the 256 colour is the colours that can be displays in all screens and this in early years of computing but now the screens can displays over 16,777,216 colour .

the relationship between Complementary colours are the colours that are opposite each other in the colour wheel .

A split complementary colour scheme is one where a primary colour is used with the two analogous colours to its complement.

are three colours that are equally spaced from each other on colour wheel, the easiest way to adjust these colours by adding the equal-angel triangle on colour wheel .

it's used four colours arranged as to complementary and as rectangle shape on colour wheel .

it's the colour lie next to each other on the colour wheel .

it's a colours from the same family on the colour wheel and these colour different from each other by the colour lightness and darkness .

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