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My Full Name Is (Ali Jumaah Mohammed Al-Tamimi), I Born And lived in (Iraq / Baghdad), I Have (25) years old And I'm The owner of ( I'm A Web site Developer who starts to learn programming since 2010 as a hobby, and then I continue every day until it become a part of my life.

In 2010 when I'm reading about programming and trying to learn it, and then I found my self after that time as a developer, and i think about making a private script depending on my self.

The first time I faced many problems because I'm a hobby developer so I don't have any idea what I'm doing, by the time the programming becomes easier for me and I continue to upgrade my level learning as much as possible.

I complete my studying in the Baghdad oil training institute (BOTI) in 2013. is a multi-purpose Website Designed To Working In All Web Browsers and all major devices which is a cross-platform website that gives information about HTML Color Codes, RGB, HSL, HSV And Color Schemes with many other services And Tools, just discover and enjoy


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