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Free Tools like Color Picker, Color Wheel, Image To Palette, Color Gradients online

Easy To Manipulate Values Using Website Algorithms Like Convert RGB To Hex, HSV To Hex, Hex To RGB And More

Advanced Values Of Hex (HTML) Color Codes, Color Schemes, RGB Color Codes, CMYK, Shades, Tints, Tones And More


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Designed For You is a multi-purpose Website Designed To Working In All Web Browsers and all major devices which is a cross-platform website that gives information about

HTML Color Codes

, RGB, HSL, HSV And Color Schemes with many other services And Tools, just discover and enjoy

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big formulas and algorithms for big information that we give here in passed on our knowledge, so take advantage and find your code color online

now it's easy to get colors you want from images which you can use these color as helper background or gradients for these image and can be exported to many extensions

make a nice color gradient with our tool and get your pre CSS code which can easily use in your projects or export to Images as you like, now go and get image or CSS color codes

in there is a big database one of these is about color names also you can find your color information by searching color by name using the form above

find out information and values quickly by using color wheel it's a speed tool using when you need to manipulate with many values at the same time, make your rule

providing resources as (.png, .jpg, .svg and others) is important to do your work rapidly with color palettes tools and get out your inspiration to the real world

Is a great tool that used to get over 16,777,216 hex code in an easy way which is designed to work in all devices, just drag your mouse on it and get colors as hex code

In the early years of computing, the displays supported only 256 colors, 216 lists of these colors suggested as web standard which can be displayed in all screens, find theme here and go

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 How to use
  • How To Get Information For Any Color

    1. Go to the top of the page
    2. You will find a form contain color picker tool used to get the value of any color by getting its hex code or you can simply type your hex if you have or RGB value, HSV, HSL ... etc.
    3. After submitting the value you want now it's easy to get information by clicking in the search button behind the search form
    4. Now you will redirect to the page of that color information you want
    5. can also be arriving at the colors if you have it's hex value by typing the main website URL followed by hexadecimal code like ( with changing (xxxxxx) value with hex code you want
    6. Information You get now is many content shades, tones, tits, similarity, RGB, CMYK, HSL, HSV, schemes like complementary, split complementary, analogous, Triadic, Tetradic, color applied on with CSS codes, color applied on many shapes and more
  • How to make a color Palette

    1. From Menu Select (Color Palette Generator) or go to this link
    2. Press on the spacebar to get a random color palette
    3. You can manipulate in colors to set your palette as you like
    4. You can add color to make a six-color palette or remove one to get a four-color palette
    5. After making your palette you can now export it as an image or as code
  • How to make a color Gradient

    1. From Menu Select (Color Gradient) or go to this link
    2. You can manipulate in the position of color gradient form the slider
    3. You can add color until you reach to (8) as maximum or remove color in case that color must be two or more
    4. easy to change color from the color picker
    5. After making your gradient you can now export it as an image or as code
 Important Definitions
  • Hexadecimal(Hex Triplet): is a six-digit code which is using in specifying colour which formed from three separate values and the first value represents red colour, the second value represent green colour and the third value represent blue colour , the hex colour code starts with hash symbol (#) and followed with six-digit code or three-digit code, we use the hexadecimal colour code in HTML, CSS, SVG, and other computing applications to represent colours and the values we use in hex colour code is from (0) to (9) and from (a) to (f) which mean (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f), the examples of this definition is (#000000, #ffffff, #ff0000, #f30, ...... etc).

  • RGB: the RGB is a shortcut of (Red colour, Green colour, Blue colour) which we can mix different values of these colours to produce new colour depending on mixing values and the main uses of

    RGB color

    is displaying the images in screens after mixing red and green and blue together, The Minimum Value of RGB is (0) and The Maximum is (255).

  • RGB Percent: is a ratio of Red colour, Green colour and Blue colour in RGB system which we can calculate by ((R/255)*100%) ,((G/255)*100%),((B/255)*100%), and The Minimum Value of RGB is (0%) and The Maximum is (100%).

  • CMYK: the CMYK is a shortcut of (Cyan colour, Magenta colour, Yellow colour, Key colour (Black)) which we can mix a different values of these colours to produce new colour depending on mixing values and The main purpose of the CMYK colour model is used in colour printing, The Minimum Value of CMYK is (0) and The Maximum is (1) or from (0) to (100).

  • Binary: which represents two values 0 or 1.

  • Octal: which represents the values from (0) to (7).

  • Websafe colour(Browser Safe palettes): the Websafe colour consists of (216) colour from (256) colour that suggested to be the standard web color if we now the 256 colour is the colours that can be displayed in all screens and this in early years of computing but now the screens can display over 16,777,216 colour .

  • Complementary colour: the relationship between Complementary colours are the colours that are opposite each other in the colour wheel.

  • Split Complementary colour: A split complementary colour scheme is one where a primary colour is used with the two analogous colours to its complement.

  • Triadic colour: are three colours that are equally spaced from each other on colour wheel, the easiest way to adjust these colours by adding the equal-angel triangle on colour wheel.

  • Tetradic colour: it's used four colours arranged as complementary and as rectangle shape on colour wheel.

  • Analogous colour: it's the colour lie next to each other on the colour wheel.

  • Monochromatic colour: it's a colours from the same family on the colour wheel and these colour different from each other by the colour lightness and darkness. Statistics

16,777,216 Colour Information

do you know there is that number of colors, yes it's over 16,777,216 million color and all these colors and information you will found here just go above and use our pre-designed hex color picker

140 Colour Name

we update our databases to gathering many HTML color name and you can get these values in many ways by entering hex value or RGB value and then the algorithm will convert RGB to hex automatically

Over 1643 Colour Palette

using our

color palette generator

and get your private palette for your project which can you save in your account, easily share with your friends or download on your PC

over 1031 colour gradient

a useful tool to get nice gradients with many features to get an advantage as much as possible like it's source code, also you can easily export to pictures with many extensions And download theme

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